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From Grandma’s House: Saturday Morning Gossip Mongering

I miss talking to Grandma Ruth on the phone. These days I have fantastic conversations with my mom while I’m commuting, and I so wish I could just call up Grandma on the road. She was someone who could really settle in to a nice chat, y’know? She took such an interest in everyone, but … Continue reading

Death Before Disney

I do not love Disney. I know, I know. I’m a terrible person! I admit it. Not only does Disney fail to light a frenzied, obsessive fire inside me, it doesn’t even remotely excite me. I don’t pine to go to parks, I don’t collect memorabilia, I don’t memorize easter eggs from the movies, I have never worn … Continue reading

Inky Thoughts

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I have never been able to decide on what it should be or where it should go. Indecision seemed to foreshadow regret, so I abstained and admired my painted friends and husband. J does have a few tattoos, most of them are meaningful and lovely- others… less so. He … Continue reading

Kensington Boys: Road Rage

Last night I served as arbiter in a conflict as serious as any the UN has ever dealt with. Littlest Brother, of the Kensington Boys, was beefing with Princess Kitty, which is what I’m calling a dear, 6 yo neighbor from another family. Princess Kitty is VERY fond of cats, princesses, princess cats, and singing … Continue reading

Arresting Family Memories

Saturday, Me, My Husband, My Sister In Law and our dear friend Chris, were all nearly arrested for robbing my InLaws’ house. We were just trying to do them a favor, and everything spiraled out of control. A few weeks ago, we were conscripted to help one of my In Laws’ friends empty their storage … Continue reading


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