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Bureaucratic Bullshit in the City of Brotherly Shove

I’ve written before about our fantastic neighbors, how much fun we have with them and how dear they are to us. And I’ve discussed the morons immediately next door who couldn’t find a kind word if it smacked them in the ass. WELL, in that same vein, there’s more to city living than sunshine and roses; try light … Continue reading


My husband is a photographer who often makes work in undesirable neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where hookers openly engage their customers in overgrown lots, where junkies openly use drugs on stoops they don’t belong to. He makes thoughtful, careful, compassionate, interesting and gut-wrenching work. He’s very good at what he does. He’s a careful man, who protects … Continue reading

From Grandma’s House: Grandma Sniffed Me?

Grandma Ruth LOVED to play games. Anything you could sit around a table and play, while socializing. Puzzles, Dominos, Pinochle, Canasta… She was a Bridge fiend, and I’ll always regret that we never got around to teaching me how to play. When her grandchildren we very little, she made a point to teach us all how … Continue reading

Neighborly Relations

We really lucked out when we moved into this house. We love our landlord, it’s a (nearly) great neighborhood, and our neighbors are awesome. Most of them, anyway. There’s a solid crew with whom we really connect. All our patios back up to an easement alley, which leads up to a common lot that has been … Continue reading

Kensington Boys: Born in a Barn?

The Boys are constantly in and out, all day long. Inside, outside, up and down the stairs… Shouting, running, whistling, sometimes screaming or sobbing. When they moved in, the front storm door had a plexi top and a screened-in bottom. After a few months wear and tear, only the plexi remains. It’s not hard to imagine … Continue reading


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