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It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone’s Gotta Poo It

My office is in a huge building which used to be a tire factory. It has this commercial, pseudo-loft thing going on. They attempt a contemporary modern flavor with bold colors and high ceilings, and undermine all that with utilitarian carpeting and faux industrial decorative details, like metallic trim emulating an I-beam but without any discernible function. … Continue reading


Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia, and it’s going to be quite the shit show. They’re restricting traffic to an extreme degree, auctioning off transit passes to a lottery, they’re BUILDING A WALL around Center City, for fuck’s sake. There are strict rules about how to get in, how to get out, and it’s going … Continue reading

Kensington Boys: Animal House

The Boys have been fairly quiet all summer. I think this is due to at least one of them going to summer school, it could also be the addition of a another puppy in the house. The family already owns two dogs, one of which is quite large and noisy, the other we don’t see very … Continue reading

Stick Some Stamps On Top of My Head

I’m-a-gonna mail myself to YOU! Does anybody else remember that song? Here it is for those who don’t: This song has been on repeat in my mind, as my nearly-three-year-old niece has become fascinated with MAIL. She sent us a Valentine a while back: And we’ve sent her a few gifts (mostly hats!), but we … Continue reading

I’ve got a Butthole, But It Doesn’t Define Me.

This has become Walter’s new mantra. Walter, our 18 month old AussieDoodle (he’s a TODDLER!), is very familiar with Buttholes; he knows about cat butts, dog butts, OUR butts… we’re just not sure he knew HE had a butt until Saturday. Walter was groomed on Saturday, for the second time in his short life. This is because … Continue reading


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