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Cop Out

AH, Fall! The changing of seasons, what a magical time of year. Students are back to school, days are getting shorter, gourd flavored beverages abound and everyone is pining away for some crisp and chilly air to seal the deal. It’s also the time when Philadelphia homeless begin to fortify their outdoor living arrangements, or indeed, … Continue reading

It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone’s Gotta Poo It

My office is in a huge building which used to be a tire factory. It has this commercial, pseudo-loft thing going on. They attempt a contemporary modern flavor with bold colors and high ceilings, and undermine all that with utilitarian carpeting and faux industrial decorative details, like metallic trim emulating an I-beam but without any discernible function. … Continue reading


Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia, and it’s going to be quite the shit show. They’re restricting traffic to an extreme degree, auctioning off transit passes to a lottery, they’re BUILDING A WALL around Center City, for fuck’s sake. There are strict rules about how to get in, how to get out, and it’s going … Continue reading

Kensington Boys: Animal House

The Boys have been fairly quiet all summer. I think this is due to at least one of them going to summer school, it could also be the addition of a another puppy in the house. The family already owns two dogs, one of which is quite large and noisy, the other we don’t see very … Continue reading

Stick Some Stamps On Top of My Head

I’m-a-gonna mail myself to YOU! Does anybody else remember that song? Here it is for those who don’t: This song has been on repeat in my mind, as my nearly-three-year-old niece has become fascinated with MAIL. She sent us a Valentine a while back: And we’ve sent her a few gifts (mostly hats!), but we … Continue reading


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