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Kensington Boys: Road Rage

Last night I served as arbiter in a conflict as serious as any the UN has ever dealt with. Littlest Brother, of the Kensington Boys, was beefing with Princess Kitty, which is what I’m calling a dear, 6 yo neighbor from another family. Princess Kitty is VERY fond of cats, princesses, princess cats, and singing … Continue reading

Famn Damily

Saturday, Me, My Husband, My Sister In Law and our dear friend Chris, were all nearly arrested for robbing my InLaws’ house. We were just trying to do them a favor, and everything spiraled out of control. A few weeks ago, we were conscripted to help one of my In Laws’ friends empty their storage … Continue reading

Kensington Boys: Outside voices, everywhere

The Kensington Boys, and their whole family, spend a lot of time shouting at each other. They communicate almost exclusively in shouts. We can often hear their “conversations” from across the street, clear as a bell from their kitchen (at the back of the house) to ours (also, in back of the house.)  Great lungs … Continue reading

Bureaucratic Bullshit in the City of Brotherly Shove

I’ve written before about our fantastic neighbors, how much fun we have with them and how dear they are to us. And I’ve discussed the morons immediately next door who couldn’t find a kind word if it smacked them in the ass. WELL, in that same vein, there’s more to city living than sunshine and roses; try light … Continue reading


My husband is a photographer who often makes work in undesirable neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where hookers openly engage their customers in overgrown lots, where junkies openly use drugs on stoops they don’t belong to. He makes thoughtful, careful, compassionate, interesting and gut-wrenching work. He’s very good at what he does. He’s a careful man, who protects … Continue reading


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