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Kensington Boys with Hammers

There’s a family that recently moved into the house across the street. It’s a large Catholic family, I can’t tell if they’re Irish or Italian, but they’re Philly through and through. There are six kids, four of them noisy, boisterous boys, under the age of ten, and two teen-aged girls who are TOUGH. The house was formerly … Continue reading

My Big Fat Creek Wedding

Our wedding was perfect. It was bigger than we wanted, and wasn’t exactly what we were aiming for when we first dreamed the whole day up, but it was perfect. There were colossal fuck-ups and catastrophic mistakes and itty-bitty heartbreaks along the way, but it was perfect. Even with the labyrinth of decisions, and choices … Continue reading

Flushed Down the Series of Tubes

This excellent article on The Atlantic sums up something I think about often. While I was never a heavy user of the Prodigy system, I had used it before, and I remember it fondly. The bigger picture of digital culture and memory and archive, however, is more intriguing to me. A long, long time ago I was … Continue reading


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