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Change is Hard

I’ve been going through some professional changes lately, due to the delightful fact that my company was recently acquired. There are the usual adjustments, but the new company seems really great and they’re very excited to have us on board, so let’s all toast the honeymoon phase! They gave everyone decent raises, which is also really great, come … Continue reading

New Year, New UTI

I have never been really, truly, seriously ill. Sure, I’ve had bad colds and strep throat and coughs that seemingly never end until the next cough shows up, only then realizing I’d been without a cough for a period. Anyway. As far as legit actual illness is concerned, I was clueless. Until about two weeks ago. About two … Continue reading

Beneighboring ≠ Befriending

I write frequently about my neighbors. The neighbors we love, the neighbors we hate. Well, we’ve recently beneighbored some people who are just… meh. Beth and Jon are new to the neighborhood, he works in insurance and she has some kind of physical therapy job. We’ve been trying to make friends with them, but it’s been … Continue reading

Kensington Boys: Unhinged Melody

The other morning, we awoke to the familiar sound of helicopters hovering over the scene of yet another police-involved civilian death. Last night, however, as we were preparing for bed and listening to the city tuck itself in, we were greeted by a decidedly UNfamiliar noise. Struggling to hear over the rumble of the el-train, blinking at each … Continue reading

Inception Conception

Last month, Frankie the spicy tango Pope came to Philadelphia, and not being in the mood for pilgrims and barricades and traffic jams, we popped down to Maryland to visit my mom, and brought my in-laws along! A fine time was had by all; we ate and drank to excess. We flew a drone, lost the … Continue reading


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